Product Details

Functionality Description

AC Contactor:

Air break contactor with different capacity usually used to supply the electric current to motor through in it to prevent high power load to motor.

Overload Relay:

Consists of a small heater element wired in series with the motor and a bimetal strip that can be used as a trip lever. The bimetal strip is made of two dissimilar metals bonded together. If the cause of the overload still exists, the relay will trip again and reset at given intervals.

Single phase preventer:

Single phase preventer is used to protect the induction motor from single phasing fault. Single phasing is a very dangerous fault to the electrical motor and Which damages the motor stator winding rapidly. Generally single phasing is nothing but a motor runs when one of the supply is disconnected due to open circuit or improper contact in switch or other electrical equipment failure.

Ampere & voltage Meter:

Moving coiled meter 90 degrees or 240 degrees with centred magnet core & spring mounted jewel suspension to order & describe the ampere & voltage flew in the device

Bakelite Terminal Connectors:

Terminal connector resisting screw thread usually used to supply current flow from top end to Button end of the pole & prevent one pole to other pole to aoide short circuit.